Friday, March 25, 2011

My blurb under construction for EPK

Lido Pimienta is a young performing artist from Colombia living in London and Toronto, Ontario, Canada where she is studying Fine Arts in order to become an Art critic and curator. At only 23 years old, this mother of one has proven to be one of the most relevant acts in Latin Alternative music, gaining the attention of established musicians like Micachu and the Shapes, Julieta Venegas and Javiera Mena who invited Lido to participate in her upcoming 2010 album.

Lido's songs speak about the power of doing things one-self. She sings about the spirit and energy of the being part of a collective as well as respect and acceptance towards other cultures and sexual orientations, and she is in total rejection of racism and the abuse towards indigenous cultures. Although politically charged, her songs are not always literal in their lyricism; they deliver a mesage of struggle wrapped around a sweet and soothing voice like in her song Humano, an almost shamanic chant that highlights the transcendent nature of being human. In songs like Mueve she lets her vocal range run free and invites people to move their bodies and be true to themselves as a way to attain freedom. Making people move is something she mastered on stage from the early age of 11, and by 13 she was a regular playing at different venues in rock bands and hip hop groups in her native Barranquilla, Colombia. By the age of 19, she had started touring her country and receiving invites to travel abroad, but as many young people in Latin America with parents living as immigrants in a different country, it was her time to become an immigrant herself and follow her dreams in a different culture. In her own words, " I was very happy in Colombia, I was a part of something big. When I came to Canada, even though I was back living with my family, I could not help but feel alone. At first, Canada seemed very different in that the people looked like they wanted to keep to themselves and not be as open to collaboration as I was used to. Culture shock did not hit me too hard language-wise though, as I have been a fluent English speaker since I was 6, but having people telling you to go back to your country and not fitting in because I was not the average folkie made me turn to technology. The internet became my real home and it has helped me be where I am today. This reality I believe is the story of the post-modern underdog of the world!"

Lido has worked with an impressive list of collaborators such as the English band Loka(Ninjatune)-with whom she is featured in 3 songs on their upcoming new album. Also from the U.K, Rob Pollinate(Squared), El Poirier(Ninjatune) from Montreal who is co-producing an EP released by ZZK Records in Argentina. Pernett and Caballo from Colombia, Ximena Sarinana, Juan Manuel Torreblanca, Carla Morrison and Juan Son from Mexico. Christian Heyne, Pamela Fakuta, Daniela Dadalu and De Janeiros from Chile,Vic Alta Joya, Un Mono Azul, Frikstailers,El Remolon(ZZK Records) from Argentina, Jovenes y Sexys and Ulises Hadjis from Venezuela, Uproot Andy and Geko Jones from New York. The list keeps getting longer as Lido shares her music with beat makers and producers from all around the world who are re-mixing her music in a current revolution of media-culture and new ways of approaching sound.

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