Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Del amor al odio...YA estoy ahí!

Esta conversacion con mi compi musical productor padre de mi hijo mejor amigo mejor enemigo Michael esta muy buena, merece ser compartida con mis 3 lectores.

Ahi va:

michael: you should hear this band that has a practice space next to us
so fucking terrible
emo shit
the guy sings the exact same in all the songs
yo: lord
we should just fucking give up
if it werent for lucian
i would have given up so long ago
holy shit
its so much work
and i hate how all of these other peopel with theur shitty music get places so fast, coz peopel fucking love how shitty they are
michael: well, just let your disgust for other people give you more strength
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michael: just...have fun
yo: nope
michael: canada blows
yo: i refuse
michael: musically speaking
yo: yeap
it does
fucking systema solar are coming to sunfest
you know how much I hate that
I will never get invited to play there thats for sure
I wont ever get invited to LOLA coz I am not white enough
and I will not get invited to SUNFEST coz I am not brown enough
michael: ha
yeah, i can see that
it is funny
we make music that's too different for white people but not different enough for them to view it as "cultural" or something
we fucked up
we should just use tribal drums on all the songs and wear traditional colombian stuff on stage
yo: Hahahahahahahahahaha
michael: it is true though
all the stuff for sunfest has to be really representative of a certain country it seems
and know how that is
whatever, we'll find out place
it just isn't in fucking london ontario
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